Female ‘warrior’ against Chinese floods

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Female 'warrior' against Chinese floods 2
Female 'warrior' against Chinese floods 2

Ms. Li, 50 years old, is from Jiangxinzhou town, Jiujiang city, eastern Jiangxi province, China.

China is experiencing the rainy season.

Two women in Tuong Gian Linh village, Ba Duong town, Jiangxi province, participated in flood control on July 11.

Northern Jiangxi province has suffered heavy rains since July 6, with water levels in local rivers and lakes rising to alarming levels.

In the absence of young men when the floods devastated, many women in Giang Tam Chau like Ms. Li volunteered to go to the `front line to fight floods` with army soldiers.

`Some people patrol around the dyke, others cook and serve those on the front lines,` Ms. Li said.

Ms. Li has been fighting floods for a week now.

`I’m mainly in charge of transporting sandbags,` she said.

Mrs. Li is a farmer.

`I used to grow cotton, but now I can’t make money growing cotton anymore,` she said.

In addition to carrying sandbags, at night she also carries a flashlight to patrol the dike to detect leaks.

When she is tired, she will take a nap at the guard station along the dike.

`I can’t sleep well at the station because I’m worried about the flood coming,` she said.

Female 'warrior' against Chinese floods

Dyke breach in China’s largest freshwater lake

The dyke broke at Ba Duong Lake on July 13.

The most unforgettable moment was the night of July 12, when the water level of the Truong Giang River exceeded the warning level.

`The water rose to 22.81 meters, everywhere I went was flooded,` she said, adding that she carried sandbags all night to prevent the flood from overflowing the banks.

Even though she was tired, she thought all the hard work was worth it.

A 188-meter long broken dike section in Jiangxi province was successfully reinforced last weekend.

Female 'warrior' against Chinese floods

The 188-meter long broken embankment was successfully reinforced on July 18.

As intense heavy rains continued to pour down, floods overflowed lakes and rivers, breaking a nearly 200-meter section of the dike on July 9, causing 15 villages and agricultural lands along the dike to be submerged in floods, more than

A company deployed more than 200 engineers, bringing equipment to work with firefighters and residents to reinforce the dike.

Nearly 6.88 million people in Jiangxi have been affected by floods since July 6.

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