F-35I – stealth fighter model exclusively for Israel

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F-35I - stealth fighter model exclusively for Israel 0
F-35I - stealth fighter model exclusively for Israel 0

F-35I – unique super fighter exclusively for Israel

F-35I fighter makes first test flight

In mid-December 2016, the US delivered the first two F-35I stealth fighters in a contract of 50 aircraft to Israel.

The United States has supplied many types of fighter aircraft to Israel over the past half century, from the F-4E Phantom II in the late 1960s to the F-15C, F-15I, F-16 and F-16I versions with

Israel first ordered the F-35 series in September 2008 in the amount of 25 aircraft at a price of 200 million USD for each aircraft.

Unlike other countries that ordered the F-35, Israel requested to integrate many domestic technologies into the super fighter.

F-35I - stealth fighter model exclusively for Israel

The first F-35I of the Israeli Air Force.

Manufacturer Lockheed Martin accepted the request, producing its own version for Israel called the F-35I `Adir` (Great One) based on the F-35A variant for the US Air Force.

One of the key technologies on the F-35I is the command, control, communications, computer and intelligence (C4I) system developed by Israel, with the ability to retrieve data from sensors on the aircraft.

C4I technology is especially necessary in the context of Israel facing a major threat from rocket artillery.

Arming the F-35I will largely be products produced by Israel itself.

SPICE will turn conventional bombs Mk.

The F-35I will also carry surface-to-air missiles using Python-5 infrared detectors, replacing the American AIM-9X Sidewinder model.

F-35I - stealth fighter model exclusively for Israel

Bomb Mk.

The Israeli Air Force also asked Lockheed Martin to add the ability to carry two 1,600-liter auxiliary oil tanks for the Adir version, increasing the aircraft’s oil capacity and range by 36%.

Israeli air force officials said that this force will receive each batch of F-35I fighters at intervals of several months, and the first squadron will reach combat readiness in October 2018.

Israel may not stop at a version based on the F-35A model.

The F-35I version is said to be completely superior to other variants.

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