Explore Tu Le on Mu Cang Chai road

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Explore Tu Le on Mu Cang Chai road 1
Explore Tu Le on Mu Cang Chai road 1

If you go to Yen Bai during the flood season (May, June), or during the ripe rice season (September, October), visitors will enjoy emotional levels and wonderful landscapes, from the rice fields.

Beautiful scene of terraced fields in rainy season in Tu Le.

Tu Le at night, especially on full moon days, the moonlight is bright, reflecting the silhouettes of travelers slowly moving down the road along the town.

Early in the morning, visitors can wake up early to watch the sunrise rise behind the bamboo trees.

Explore Tu Le on Mu Cang Chai road

Dawn breaks through the bamboo hedges hidden in the mist.

In Tu Le, there are specialties of sticky rice with fragrant grilled meat, grilled buffalo meat, stream fish, black chicken and especially green rice that is very popular with tourists because of its sweet, sticky taste that only comes from rice here.

Explore Tu Le on Mu Cang Chai road

Tu Le specialty black chicken.

Not only does it impress tourists with its natural beauty, Tu Le attracts paparazzi because of the traditional, pristine living habits of `bathing` by the stream of the Thai people.

Every afternoon, Thai girls flock to the surrounding hot springs, take off their clothes and bathe naturally in the midst of nature as a wonderful way to relax that is rare to find anywhere else.

Tourists can also visit Lim Thai and Lim Mong villages, 3 km from Tu Le, to learn more about the life and culture of highland people.

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