Europe ‘loses cows to build stables’

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Europe 'loses cows to build stables' 3
Europe 'loses cows to build stables' 3

Emptiness and desolation are casting a shadow over flashy Europe, as large squares and stadiums are deserted.

After watching Covid-19 raging in China in indifference, Europe seems to be panicking over the situation in Italy.

`The paradox of a cross-border virus is that solutions require separation, not only between countries, but also within territories,` Nathalie Tocci, advisor to the European Union (EU)

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`The problem now is not just borders between countries but also between individuals,` commented Ivan Krastev, an expert at the Center for Liberal Strategies in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The lives of European people, which still pride themselves on the power of science and technology, as well as institutions and democracy, suddenly turned upside down.

However, advisor Tocci noted that blockade measures will not be effective without coordination between countries.

The World Health Organization (WHO) on March 13 declared that Europe is the global Covid-19 epicenter and warned that it is impossible to predict the peak of the epidemic.

The situation in the UK is also increasingly worrying, as the number of infections has nearly 1,400 with more than 30 deaths.

`The overwhelming emotion today is fear. The Covid-19 crisis causes insecurity and fear to pile up, while increasing confusion about a world that is changing too quickly. You can get infected.

He said that in the face of an `invisible enemy`, social mobilization, although difficult, is extremely necessary.

European governments that have tried to urge people to calm down in the face of terrorism now face another difficult task.

In 2003, French-American philosopher George Steiner, who died last month at the age of 90, wrote a famous essay called `The Thought of Europe.`

Expert Krastev pointed out that amid the epidemic, cafes had to close, while squares and streets were almost empty of people.

However, the gloomy atmosphere in Europe is sometimes `broke the ice` thanks to unexpected actions, showing humanity and solidarity, said advisor Tocci.

`The good thing here is that the epidemic does not lead to disagreement. People are scared, but most of them show responsibility and solidarity. There are many messages shared, including some humorous sentences.`

Expert Krastev, who lives in Vienna, Austria, is wondering whether to stay or take his family to temporary residence in Bulgaria, where the health system is weaker but the epidemic seems to be less serious.

Where is the safer place is probably a common question of all migrants.

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