‘Entering each other’s world’ – the beauty of simplicity

'Entering each other's world' - the beauty of simplicity 2
'Entering each other's world' - the beauty of simplicity 2

Book name: Entering each other’s world Author: Humans of Hanoi Group, The Gioi Publishing House, released in May 2015

Entering each other’s world is like a symphony of three visual movements: Love, Live and Dream.

Book `Humans of Hanoi`.

People sometimes feel lost, small, and lose all the glue that connects them to the space where they live, to the things and individuals around them.

However, to be able to send that message, young people who share the same passion, thoughts and thoughts of the Humans of Hanoi group had to choose a method of action.

Images are a means, a choice to convey the story.

In it, the authors portray faces with deep wrinkles, young faces, a sad smile, a face filled with cigarette smoke, a dirty hand, and a pair of young girls’ feet that have traveled many paths.

The Humans of Hanoi group is known to the community with the exhibition Entering Each Other’s World (from June 15 – July 15, 2014 at Chula House).

After the comic Long Than Tuong, Entering Each Other’s World is the second project to receive support from the community to reach readers today in the form of a picture book.

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