England and Germany compete to develop Covid-19 vaccine

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England and Germany compete to develop Covid-19 vaccine 2
England and Germany compete to develop Covid-19 vaccine 2

`I think we will have a vaccine this year,` Kate Bingham, chair of the UK Vaccine Task Force, said yesterday on Sky News.

These vaccine candidates are among six that the UK has ordered, totaling 340 million doses, in case their potential vaccine shows poor results in Phase 3, a large-scale clinical trial.

Blood samples used in Covid-19 vaccine trials are processed at the Jenner Institute, Oxford University, UK.

Bingham said she is `very optimistic` about all six vaccines, using four different technologies to fight nCoV.

`If everything goes smoothly, these two types could be registered and distributed this year,` she said, but added that `the most likely possibility is still next year.`

While the vaccine being developed in Oxford has received major media attention, the candidate from German biotech company BioNTech has attracted less attention.

Both the British and German vaccines have completed Phase one and two trials, with data showing they produced a strong immune response in volunteers after two doses.

Dr. Nick Jackson, director of programs and technology at the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Initiatives (Cepi), said one of the distinct advantages both vaccine development groups have is their partnership with

While the vaccine research team in the UK is supported by pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca, the team in Germany is supported by Pfizer.

England and Germany compete to develop Covid-19 vaccine

A scientist works in the process of preparing and testing the Covid-19 vaccine at the Gamaleya Research Institute, Moscow, Russia, on August 6.

Although the vaccine race is increasingly exciting and brings optimistic signs, many experts still recommend caution because historically, 35% of vaccines have been proven ineffective in Phase 3.

Mr. Jackson warned that some types may not be completely effective and that although they can fight the most severe symptoms of Covid-19, they cannot prevent the risk of infection.

Beate Kampmann, director of the Vaccine Center at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, expressed doubts about whether the Oxford or German vaccine would be ready for use later this year.

In addition, in the UK vaccine order list there are four other vaccines, including two candidates from US companies Moderna and Novavax.

`No regulatory agency in the West would approve a vaccine that was only tested on 38 people,` she said.

Dr Jackson welcomes the race between Oxford and BioNTech, but hopes there are multiple winners.

`With many licensed vaccines in the UK and around the world, we will be able to respond to this pandemic. We need a very large amount and vaccines from many different companies for use around the world,` he said.

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