Encounter with the ‘king of the forest’

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Encounter with the 'king of the forest' 1
Encounter with the 'king of the forest' 1

After driving around the Massai Mara reserve, Kenya, the driver half-jokingly said he was about to meet a lion because he was smelling the king of the jungle.

The tour group faced the lion only 3 meters away.

All passengers on the bus held their breath, anxiously waiting for the lion’s chase of its prey.

Suddenly, the boar seemed to sense the presence of a predator, so it curled up and ran away.

Encounter with the 'king of the forest'

Explore the world of wildlife on open-top vehicles.

That was one of Mr. Dat’s memorable experiences when he participated in the `Game drive` program – driving to hunt for animals at the Massai Mara reserve.

A memory that Mr. Dat can never forget is when he went to Aberdare national forest.

The huge leopard still loomed towards us as if it were in an empty space.

Local tour guides said that people and wild animals here live in harmony in the natural environment.

Encounter with the 'king of the forest'

Visitors can easily find leopards in the wild in Kenya.

`We are so happy and lucky to live in the paradise of the wildlife world in Kenya – a place where animals can live free, leisurely lives without worrying about being captured or killed by humans,` Mr. Dat said.

Not only witnessing the animals with their own eyes, the Vietnamese tourist group also visited the village of the Massai people with wild life like thousands of years ago and strange customs.

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