Duong Mich announced her boyfriend

Duong Mich announced her boyfriend 1
Duong Mich announced her boyfriend 1

On the morning of January 8, Chinese websites were filled with pictures of Duong Mich (Yang Mi) and Liu Kaiwei (Hawick Lau) in front of `Little Flower`’s apartment in Beijing.

One of the photos was taken of a couple outside Duong Mich’s residence.

At nearly 1pm on the same day, Luu Khai Uy posted on his personal Weibo page information that he and Duong Mich were in love.

A few minutes later, Luu Khai Uy continued to post another piece of information.

Actor Liu’s romantic and bold sharing was responded to by his girlfriend Duong Mich.

After this information was widely posted, Sina contacted the management companies of the two artists above.

Duong Mich announced her boyfriend

Image of the two of them as a couple in the movie Nhu Y.

Luu Khai Uy and Duong Mich started being rumored to be in love with each other since they starred in the movie Nhu Y (2011).

Duong Mich is a talented hot girl in the Chinese entertainment industry.

Luu Khai Uy was born in 1974 and is an actor on TVB.

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