Does the ‘continuous slapping’ teacher help students be more obedient?

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Does the 'continuous slapping' teacher help students be more obedient? 16
Does the 'continuous slapping' teacher help students be more obedient? 16

The dismissal of a teacher who beat many students is causing mixed controversy on VnExpress.

Many readers agree with the decision to severely punish the female teacher above in order to set an example for others:

She chose this profession which means she must know how to control anger and be skilled.

Hitting people is a criminal offense.

Chasing to set an example for the education sector is very right.

It’s true that `don’t beat the running back` but watching the video of her publicly apologizing, I only see mention of the first union government, not apologizing to the students she beat, only caring about achievements and grades.

It is right to let teacher Trang quit.

It is agreed that teachers should have `deterrent` punishments for naughty students to be good, disciplined and study hard.

However, many opinions believe that the above punishment is too harsh and inhumane for teachers:

You guys try teaching it and you’ll know.

I also have a child going to school, about the same age as my child, I understand very well the pain of parents when their child is the place to vent other people’s anger.

This teacher is both blameworthy and pitiful, sometimes it’s just because of work pressure.

I don’t agree, it’s too harsh and doesn’t think about others.

In the past, when I went to school, I was punished more severely, but I didn’t see anything wrong with my morals.

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Viet Thanh compiled

‘My mother regrets not going abroad so her child can hold a pen with her left hand’

‘My children obeyed because they were afraid of being beaten, but they didn’t understand what they were doing wrong’

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