Digital mammography helps detect breast cancer early

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Digital mammography helps detect breast cancer early 8
Digital mammography helps detect breast cancer early 8

Ms. Ha Thi Yen (50 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) used to go for breast cancer screening every year in many places.

After the scan, Dr. Phung Ngoc Thu (Imaging Center, Tam Anh General Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City) said that one side of the patient’s breast has a small suspicious area (about 9-10 mm).

`When we reviewed the patient’s 2D mammogram last year, we realized that the tumor was present but was obscured by neighboring tissue, making it impossible for the doctor to detect the tumor. This is a typical case of a negative test.

Save time, increase accuracy

Doctor Thu said that currently, there are three main imaging methods to examine the breast, including: X-ray (also known as mammography), ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

`Our body is a three-dimensional organism, but previous generations of mammography captured information about the entire mass of breast tissue and presented the tissues overlapping each other on a film sheet (i.e., 2-dimensional space).

From the first day of operation, Tam Anh General Hospital has put into use the DBT mammography system in screening and diagnosing breast cancer as well as other breast diseases.

According to Dr. Thu, the lamp head rotated at a wide angle of 50 degrees can maximize the contours of the lesion, helping doctors easily determine the nature of the lesion.

Digital mammography tomographic (DBT) system at Tam Anh General Hospital.

Dr. Thu added that although DBT mammography costs more than older generation mammography, currently more than 90% of breast examination units in the US are equipped with DBT to replace old generation mammography.

With 2D mammography, when a problem is detected in the film but cannot be concluded, the doctor needs to call the patient to perform additional testing.

From the age of 40, you should have a mammogram to screen for breast cancer

Dr. Thu said that most early-stage breast cancers only have signs of microcalcification and this phenomenon is only detected by mammography.

Digital mammography helps detect breast cancer early

Dr. Phung Ngoc Thu is explaining the results of a mammogram to a patient.

For patients with cosmetic breast implants, X-ray images are often worse than those without implants.

Mammography has no absolute contraindications.

A technical means will not spread the benefits evenly across all individuals but will concentrate them more on one group.

`With DBT mammography, we can ‘separate tissue’ for examination, similar to being allowed to go into each plot of land to look for a bird’s wing instead of having to stand at the edge of the forest here and look through it like before.

Any age is at risk of breast cancer, but from the age of 40 the risk increases.

The risk group for breast cancer is higher than normal people when there are factors such as family history, personal history of breast cancer, carrying mutated genes (BRCA1, BRCA2…), some genetic syndromes.

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