Descendants of famous artists on their way to make a career

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Descendants of famous artists on their way to make a career 5
Descendants of famous artists on their way to make a career 5

Actor Gia Bao: `Comedian Bao Quoc needs to be more independent`

Looking at the plump face and `dude` appearance of young actor Gia Bao, few people would think that this guy once went through many hardships and hardships in life as well as in his acting career.

As the great grandson of comedian, Meritorious Artist Bao Quoc, since he was very young, Gia Bao has been carried by his grandfather in his arms to perform every night.

Gia Bao became an `actor` for the first time at the age of 2. Around 1990, Ho Chi Minh City Television filmed the play Mother’s Heart.

But after his first role, Gia Bao was banned from pursuing the profession.

Actor Gia Bao (left) with his grandfather, Meritorious Artist Bao Quoc.

Because his family tried to stop and take care of him too much, for more than ten years, Gia Bao thought he would never have anything to do with the profession in which his father’s side had a long history of achievements and reputation.

In addition, there was a period when Gia Bao’s parents’ relationship broke down, there were many conflicts in both families, and the boy suddenly fell into poverty, lacking food and clothing;

After this role, artist Huu Chau and his uncle Gia Bao took him to study acting at the Ho Chi Minh City Theater and Cinema School.

`I went up step by step from small roles`

The young actor confided: `Don’t think that descendants of many famous people are happy. Sometimes I even find myself suffering more than other young actors when no one in their family pursues an acting career.`

`Even when someone wanted to invite me to play the main role, my grandfather and uncle immediately stopped me because they felt I wasn’t strong enough. Even though I was sad and discouraged, I felt it was right. After a while, I felt guilty about big and small roles.

If I have to mention the `tiny roles` Gia Bao has participated in, there are many.

Descendants of famous artists on their way to make a career

Actor Gia Bao (right) with actor Thanh Thuy in the play `New Boy` on Phu Nhuan theater stage.

In 2006, he graduated from theater and film school, but at the end of 2005, Gia Bao joined the Phu Nhuan theater stage.

Coming to the acting profession for more than 7 years, Gia Bao is proud that he has never relied on his family’s reputation to `be cool` or apply for roles.

Not only on stage, but in cinema, Gia Bao also does not criticize supporting roles.

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