Dennis Bergkamp: The Dutch… don’t fly

Dennis Bergkamp: The Dutch... don't fly 2
Dennis Bergkamp: The Dutch... don't fly 2

Being the junior generation of the famous `Flying Dutchman` trio of Ruud Gullit, Marco van Basten and Frank Rijkaard is not easy for a star like Bergkamp.

Three days ago, on May 7, Arsenal celebrated the 10th anniversary of their last match at Highbury Stadium before moving to the more modern Emirates Stadium.

Bergkamp is one of the biggest names in Arsenal history in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

`Dennis Bergkamp is the best partner I have ever had. He is the dream of every striker,` Thierry Henry said.

The hat trick against Leicester City in 1997, the flick to escape Nikos Dabizas’s tackle and then scoring against Newcastle in 2002 are all masterpieces of a lifetime.

Receiving a long pass from Frank de Boer’s own half, Bergkamp jumped up and used his right foot to pull the ball down.

Dennis Bergkamp: The Dutch... don't fly

Netherlands 2-1 Argentina

Bergkamp `flew` up to catch De Boer’s long ball, but he was a person who was very afraid of flying.

`It’s no coincidence that I played my best football at Arsenal, after imposing a flight ban on myself,` Bergkamp said.

Bergkamp’s career has only gone through three clubs: Ajax Amsterdam, Inter Milan and Arsenal.

Dennis Bergkamp: The Dutch... don't fly

Three years at Inter were the darkest three years of Bergkamp’s career, but it is likely that the valuable experiences in the Serie A environment at that time helped him shine at Arsenal later.

Time in Serie A was not easy for Bergkamp.

When Bergkamp went to England and shined under coach Arsene Wenger, the Italian media felt how wrong they were.

Bergkamp is a follower of Louis van Gaal’s school, which is the opposite of Johan Cruyff.

Bergkamp is not without technique (see the classic goal against Newcastle below), but he only uses it when absolutely necessary.

Dennis Bergkamp: The Dutch... don't fly

Bergkamp performed a masterpiece scoring goal against Newcastle

Like Andrea Pirlo, he has the ability to see space before it actually opens.

Dennis Bergkamp: The Dutch... don't fly

Bergkamp knows how to adapt to every striker he pairs with and helps both shine.

Besides the nickname `Dutchman… who doesn’t fly`, he also has another nickname, `ice man`.

Then the young players asked again: `But have I ever seen you smile?`

Bergkamp replied: `Because the teacher was so engrossed, he forgot to smile. But in his heart… he was very happy.`

There was an opinion that today’s football world has less and less smiles, perhaps because it lacks people… who never smile like Dennis Bergkamp!

Do you know?

Dennis Bergkamp’s name is named after Man Utd’s idol Denis Law, but had to add an `n` because Denis sounds like Denise, a girl’s name.

Bergkamp insists he has never been afraid of any defender in his career.

Some details about biography

Full name: Dennis Nicolaas Maria Bergkamp

Date of birth: May 10, 1969

Place of birth: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Height: 1.83 meters

Family: married to Henrita Ruizendaal, has three daughters Estelle, Deborah, Yasmin and a son Mitchel.

Competing career


1986–1993: Ajax, played 185 matches, scored 103 goals

1993–1995: Inter, 52 (11)

1995–2006: Arsenal, 315 (87)

International career

1990–2000: Netherlands team 79 (37)


Dutch Champion: 1990

Dutch National Cup: 1987, 1993

C2 Cup: 1987

UEFA Cup: 1992, 1994

Premier League: 1998, 2002, 2004

FA Cup: 1998, 2002, 2003, 2005

Dutch top scorer: 1991, 1992, 1993

Best player in the Netherlands: 1992, 1993

European Bronze Ball: 1993

FIFA’s third best player of the year: 1993, 1997

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