Decoding unusual pain when the penis is erect

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Decoding unusual pain when the penis is erect 8
Decoding unusual pain when the penis is erect 8

The penis becomes erect when the tubular structures inside the organ are filled with blood due to external influences or sexual stimulation.

The pain can range from dull to severe.

There are common and uncommon causes of painful erections.

Peyronie’s disease

Peyronie’s disease (PD) is a condition often affecting older men in which the penis suddenly develops an abnormal curve.

When this happens, scar tissue can develop on the thick membrane that surrounds the sponge-like columns of tissue inside the penis (called the corpora cavernosa).

This pathology can cause pain when men have an erection due to the membranes being stretched.

People with a family history of Peyronie’s disease, vigorous sexual activity, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, autoimmune diseases, prostate cancer surgery… are at high risk of penile curvature.

Men should not be subjective if their penis hurts when erect.

Prolonged erection

This is a state of erection that lasts for many hours even without sexual stimulation.

Ischemia: This is low-flow priapism syndrome where blood does not leave the penis after erection.

Intermittent erections: This condition is related to sickle cell disease (a genetic disease that affects red blood cells in the body).

Penis discharge: When the body pumps a large amount of blood into the penis, this organ will become erect, leading to pus discharge.

Penis fracture

Penile fracture occurs when the fibrous membrane surrounding the corpora cavernosa of the penis ruptures.

Penile fracture is a medical emergency.

Sleep apnea

Men with painful erections while sleeping is a rare condition.

Experts believe that sleep apnea may be the reason why men feel pain and erection while sleeping.


Painful erections may be caused by tumors forming on the blood vessels or nerves of the penis.

Foreskin fungus

Foreskin fungus is a rare disease in uncircumcised people, causing the tissues of the foreskin to become hard.

To treat penile erection pain, doctors will take appropriate measures depending on the cause of the disease and the level of pain.

In non-emergency situations, placing a cold compress on the penis or perineum for 10 to 20 minutes can help reduce erection while also relieving pain.

However, treating acute pain is only part of the solution.

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