Debate whether China or Italy makes ice cream

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Debate whether China or Italy makes ice cream 3
Debate whether China or Italy makes ice cream 3

From vanilla and chocolate cones to delicious fruit ice cream, the ice cream enjoyed around the world today originated in Mesopotamia, an ancient region corresponding to Iraq, Iran, Syria and

But it is also said that ice cream was created by Italians and also by Chinese people as in a 12th century poem by poet Wang Wanli (Yang Wanli) from the Song Dynasty, praising the dessert.

`On the Silk Road, people built thousands of snow holes, igloos, and ice rooms to preserve precious natural goods, where travelers or traders could stop for refreshments.

The ice cream we eat today was created between 1500 and 1600, according to the Gelato Museum in Italy.

According to the museum’s analysis, the first ice cream had a texture more like crushed ice than ice cream.

It seems that all ancient civilizations loved frozen cocktails and were always willing to go far to collect snow from high mountains and store it in holes.

In Mesopotamia, many people traveled hundreds of kilometers to the mountains to find ice and snow to serve as drinks at royal banquets, while ancient Greek ruler Alexander the Great was a fan of ice cream.

`Wherever he went, when conquering foreign countries to expand his territory, Alexander built ice houses and he made the ice drink culture flourish,` Polliotti said, adding,

The Gelato Museum is a place to research the history, culture, technology and secrets of producing gelato, which means ice cream in Italian.

There are hundreds of ancient ice cream recipes, with exotic treats like ice cream made from bread, red cinnamon, violets, rose buds, fennel seeds, grapes, oregano, truffles, jasmine, and many more.

Debate whether China or Italy makes ice cream

Tourists try making ice cream at the Gelato Museum in Italy.

Museum visitors are also treated to ice cream tasting sessions, where they can compare ice cream from the beginning with ice cream today.

But Salvatore Farina, head of Sicily’s Duciezio Institute of Sicily’s leading pastry and artisan ice cream makers, says that Arabic shrb originated in Sicily.

`I am proud to have found a historical document by the Roman writer Marco Terenzio Varrone, which outlines how the Arabic word borrowed the Latin verb sorbere, meaning ‘slowly savor the frozen drink’.

Sicily today is considered the kingdom of ice cream and pastries, where chefs are known to make the best granita in Italy.

According to Farina, ancient Italians took ice from high mountains and transported it to the coastal areas by donkey, to Europe’s largest volcano Etna, to make granita ice cream.

Sicilian aristocratic families bought these blocks of ice, mixed with fruit, and enjoyed during the hot Italian summers.

`Not only is it a product for the rich, this drink is also good for health, making people feel refreshed when eating it. It is a food not for the poor, they can never buy it, even

Debate whether China or Italy makes ice cream

Ice cream has undergone thousands of years of history to become the same as it is today.

The turning point in the history of ice cream occurred during the Renaissance, when frozen drinks were replaced by another cold drink that was more simply prepared and became the current gelato, loved all over the world.

`The event happened around 1500 – 1600 in Florentine, when for the first time, ingredients such as eggs, milk, sugar and even wine were added to shaved ice, making it dense and delicious.

`That sparked a revolution and changed the ice cream manufacturing process. These ingredients were first mixed together and then frozen. Gelato was born,` she said.

Poets and ambassadors began to praise this new and expensive product.

Many people believe that Italian queen Caterina de’ Medici (who later married a French king) and Cosimo Ruggieri, a famous alchemist and astrologer, brought the new ice cream recipe to France, where chef Francesco

Ice cream gradually ceased to be limited to the upper class.

The famous cinnamon cone was created in 1903 by Italo Marchioni, an Italian immigrant to New York.

These pieces of history prove the ice cream’s true origins in Italy, Polliotti said.

Gelato Museum Carpigiani is the only museum in the world with the theme of artisan gelato.

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