Dan Truong: ‘My wife is from a prestigious family’

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Dan Truong: 'My wife is from a prestigious family' 3
Dan Truong: 'My wife is from a prestigious family' 3

– Since you’re usually tight-lipped about your love life, why did you widely announce your wedding and fiancee?

Getting married has been my intention for a long time.

I do so to clear up the misunderstandings of many audiences as well as reassure both families.

Wedding photo of Dan Truong and Thuy Tien.

– What will your wedding be like?

– My wife is from a prestigious family, but I live in my hometown, so organizing a perfect wedding in America will be difficult.

– How do you prepare mentally to become a family man?

– I have been preparing for a long time.

– What kind of person is your wife?

– As a businessman, she is more familiar with the directing style than being a housewife.

– Marrying a talented wife, how do you avoid being inferior to her?

– Thuy Tien is so strong, but I am much more stubborn.

Where do you and your husband plan to live?

– I currently have no plans to become an American citizen.

We discussed carefully before choosing the above option.

– What about your child plans?

– We also hope to have a child, but it will take another two or three years.

Dan Truong: 'My wife is from a prestigious family'

Dan Truong continued to sing after getting married.

– How can your wife help you at work?

– I have always cherished the dream of establishing a charity fund named after myself.

– What about music career?

– After having a family, I continued my singing career and was still the exclusive singer of HT Production.

Performed by Tam Giao

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