Crowded for evacuation at Kabul airport, 5 people died

Crowded for evacuation at Kabul airport, 5 people died 3
Crowded for evacuation at Kabul airport, 5 people died 3

A witness told Reuters that he saw at least five bodies being loaded into the vehicle.

Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul has been in chaos since the night of August 15 as many people tried to board planes to go abroad, after the Taliban entered the capital.

Commercial flights leaving Hamid Karzai airport were canceled to give priority to military planes carrying evacuees, according to the Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority.

Afghans gathered at Kabul airport runway today waiting to leave the country.

In videos appearing on social networks, crowds rushed into the airport and approached planes in the parking lot, jostling each other to get a spot on the plane.

`I feel very scared here. They are shooting a lot of shots into the sky,` said an anonymous witness.

Ragıp Soylu account posted on Twitter that a Kam Air plane could not take off because hundreds of people still tried to board the plane even though all the seats were full.

The New York Times said that on the taxiways and runways of Hamid Karzai airport there are all kinds of uniforms and military uniforms of people from many different countries.

The US Embassy in Kabul posted on Twitter asking US citizens and Afghans `not to come to the airport`.

Many of them came because of rumors or fake news spread on social networks.

Crowded for evacuation at Kabul airport, 5 people died

5 people died while trying to evacuate at Kabul airport

Afghan people jostle to board a plane at the airport in Kabul today.

The Taliban entered Kabul without any resistance from government forces on the evening of August 15, less than a day after beginning the siege of the capital.

As soon as the Taliban closed in, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani hastily left the country under the pretext of wanting to `avoid bloodshed`, causing his Western-backed government to collapse.

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