‘Coach Phan Thanh Hung must show his talent’

'Coach Phan Thanh Hung must show his talent' 0
'Coach Phan Thanh Hung must show his talent' 0

Mr. Nguyen Van Vinh (right) said that coach Phan Thanh Hung has not left his mark on the Vietnamese team.

Ball recovery and weak defense were the most obvious limitations of the Vietnamese team in the somewhat disappointing 1-1 draw with Myanmar.

Along with Phan Thanh Hung’s position, Minh Duc is one of the two Vietnamese players most underestimated by Mr. Phuc.

Spirit is the strong point of the Vietnamese team, but as coach Tran Van Phuc said, he has not seen `fire` from Phan Thanh Hung and his students: `I have not seen the enthusiasm and fire in the Vietnamese team. Hopefully.

Sharing with coach Tran Van Phuc, expert Nguyen Van Vinh humorously commented, `No need for a coach or expert, ordinary people can see how limited our team is on the opening day.`

To coach Phan Thanh Hung, Mr. Vinh expressed his sympathy.

Drawing 1-1 with Myanmar, Vietnam’s chances of entering the semi-finals were somewhat narrowed because the remaining two opponents were both very strong.

`The Vietnamese team is in a very difficult position. Just watch Thailand and the Philippines play, it’s clear. They are very strong. The situation, psychology, and personnel are at a disadvantage, the Vietnamese team must play with 100% spirit and strength.

Expert Nguyen Van Vinh also agreed with Mr. Phuc when he said that now is the time for coach Phan Thanh Hung to show his best: `I always support Phan Thanh Hung and the Vietnam team. In a difficult situation, hope

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