Clubs protest against delaying the V-League match schedule

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Clubs protest against delaying the V-League match schedule 3
Clubs protest against delaying the V-League match schedule 3

`I only heard the news that VPF decided to postpone the V-League 2021 schedule to February 2022 through the media. The clubs were not consulted. This is absurd,` Nam Dinh Club Executive Director Tran Thai

Yesterday afternoon, the VPF Board of Directors agreed with the V-League Organizing Committee’s proposal to temporarily suspend the tournament, waiting until February 2022 to resume competition.

`Is VPF sure that by February 2022, Covid-19 will be under control and can the tournament be held, or will it continue to be postponed or canceled at that time? So the damage to 14 clubs during the six months of waiting will be

HAGL (white shirt) is leading the 2021 V-League with 29 points, three points more than the team closely behind Viettel.

V-League 2021 was suspended from May 7 due to SLNA players being in the F2 category of a person infected with Covid-19.

Sharing the same opinion as the leaders of Nam Dinh Club, Hai Phong Club Chairman Van Tran Hoan also opposed VPF.

Mr. Hoan said he understands that the postponement to February 2022 is to create conditions for the national team to play in the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup – Asia region.

Mr. Hoan also did not agree with the idea of ​​having to play because the tournament was sponsored.

HAGL, the team leading the V-League after 12 rounds with 29 points, also disagrees with VPF’s postponement to February 2022.

A leader of HAGL Club shared: `VPF should also think about the fate of nearly 400 players. It’s okay for about 40-50 top players to be recruited, but what about the rest? The club cannot return them.

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