Clinton was rated ‘better’ than Trump in the second debate

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Clinton was rated 'better' than Trump in the second debate 0
Clinton was rated 'better' than Trump in the second debate 0

Mrs. Clinton (right) appeared more confident than Mr. Trump in the second debate.

The second debate, arguably the most important, between the two US presidential candidates in the election, has just ended at Washington University, St.

The results of a public opinion poll conducted by CNN after the debate showed that 57% of respondents thought that Mrs. Clinton won the confrontation, while the number of people who felt convinced by Mr. Trump’s performance was .

Oxford Eagle commentator David Magee asserted that Mrs. Clinton defeated Mr. Trump in the debate in a `clear and convincing` way.

According to Magee, during the debate, Mr. Trump made a number of unsubstantiated accusations against Mrs. Clinton, sometimes ranting so long that the moderator had to interrupt, repeatedly interrupted his opponent and

Mr. Trump even `twisted` his deputy Mike Pence, when he expressed disagreement with Pence on the strategy to resolve the humanitarian crisis and civil war in Syria.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Clinton remained calm and ready throughout the debate, fluently answering questions from the audience, including difficult issues such as the email scandal and relations with Russia.

This observer said that the most memorable moment in the debate was when Mr. Trump suddenly approached and appeared behind while Mrs. Clinton was engrossed in answering questions from the audience.

On his Twitter account, professor Tom Nichols of the US Naval War College, called this the act of `a presidential candidate directly threatening his opponent on television`, and considered it `the lowest threshold in history.`

`Mr. Trump has a lot of problems standing on stage. The basic rule is to sit down when your opponent is speaking, not close behind,` professor Alan Schroeder, lecturer at the School of Journalism,

Clinton was rated 'better' than Trump in the second debate

The moment Trump stood behind Clinton was likened to a horror movie

Mrs. Clinton was very skillful and flexible in dominating the stage, turning the stage into a speech, proactively leaving the podium and walking in front of Mr. Trump to answer everyone’s questions.

This proves that Mr. Trump did not spend much time preparing for his important debate, at least understanding the most basic elements, such as where the camera is located.

Kenza Moller, a political commentator in Toronto, Canada, believes that Mrs. Clinton has many advantages before the debate, especially when Mr. Trump is caught up in an obscene speech scandal in a video recorded more recently.

Not only in terms of method, Mr. Trump also made many mistakes in the content of the debate.

Trump has not provided any evidence that he publicly opposed America’s participation in the war in Iraq before the war broke out.

Only after March 2003, when the US sent troops into Iraq, did he begin to make skeptical statements about the conflict.

Mrs. Clinton, then a New York senator, voted in favor of military intervention in Iraq.

Mrs. Clinton also had moments of confusion when talking about policy in the face of her opponent’s constant attacks.

`This is clearly not the knock-out blow that Mrs. Clinton’s supporters were expecting,` commentator Anthony Zurcher said.

However, Mrs. Clinton spoke about many important issues facing America today, such as education, climate change and a fair tax regime.

`There is no doubt about who won tonight. Mr. Donald focuses on Hillary. Hillary focuses on the American people,` said Democratic US vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine.

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