Chinese people’s feelings about Mr. Xi’s speech at the 19th Party Congress

Chinese people's feelings about Mr. Xi's speech at the 19th Party Congress 0
Chinese people's feelings about Mr. Xi's speech at the 19th Party Congress 0

Chinese President Xi Jinping speaks at the 19th Communist Party of China Congress in Beijing on October 18.

Wang Hai started working after graduating in mainland China when Xi Jinping came to power five years ago.

The record-breaking three-and-a-half-hour speech looked back at China’s past five years under the leadership of Mr. Xi, and outlined a direction for development until mid-century.

Wang described Mr. Xi’s 65-page speech translated into English as `long, containing a lot of information` but the content was not beyond his expectations.

`Mr. Xi’s speech mainly encouraged people, both at home and abroad. I look forward more to what he will do in the next five years,` Wang shared.

According to Wang, China’s economic growth over the past five years has slowed down a bit.

In his speech, Mr. Xi affirmed that China `has achieved great achievements in economic development`.

According to China’s National Bureau of Economic and Social Development Statistics, average GDP growth in the period 2013 – 2016 was 7.2%.

Chinese people's feelings about Mr. Xi's speech at the 19th Party Congress

Delegate Yang Qiongying gave an interview.

`You see the speech is very dense, but I don’t find it long, it contains comprehensive information. Listening to President Xi speak is like listening to a fairy tale, in which the Chinese dream is realized,`

Yang, a primary school principal in Yunnan province, is one of 2,280 delegates representing more than 89 million Chinese party members who came to Beijing to attend the party congress, an event lasting from October 18 to 24.

Working in the education industry for more than 20 years, Wang said she has seen many changes under Mr. Xi’s leadership.

Pei Zhen, a civil servant working in foreign affairs, also affirmed that Mr. Xi  is `a good leader`.

`China is a big country, with 1.3 billion people of many different ethnicities, and complex internal problems. What President Xi has done shows that he is a talented and strong leader.`

Living in Beijing, Pei has seen improvements in air pollution.

`However, compared with other regions, the air in Beijing still needs to improve.`

China has set two century goals: by 2020, the country will become a `moderately prosperous society` and by 2050 will be a `powerful modern socialist country`, turning the `dream

Mr. Xi emphasized the goal of building `A beautiful China`, which includes a clean environment and narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas.

According to Phoebe Hong, Hong Kong’s Now TV reporter, the speech showed that Xi Jinping’s leadership power `has become stronger`.

Hong has been less optimistic about the Chinese economy in the past five years.

`I expect the leadership to keep the economy from going down too quickly and deal with emerging problems from the development of technology and real estate bubbles. However, the economy is not my concern.`

As a Hong Konger, she is especially interested in Beijing’s policies towards the special zone.

In his speech, Mr. Xi reaffirmed the policy of `one country, two systems`, `Hong Kong people managing Hong Kong` and working towards `unifying the country`.

`Hong Kong people have noticed this over the past five years. Now, we are concerned about the policy on freedom of speech and the path to democratic reform,` she shared.

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