Caught red-handed doing circumcision surgery ‘undercover’ in an apartment

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Caught red-handed doing circumcision surgery 'undercover' in an apartment 4
Caught red-handed doing circumcision surgery 'undercover' in an apartment 4

On the afternoon of April 17, a representative of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health said that at the time of the inspection, this place also had another employee and a student registered to learn circumcision.

Inside the apartment hangs the sign `Dr. Duc Trong – Preserving youth`, a QR code records information about a `pharmacist`, and a display shelf displays boxes of circumcision tools.

Facebook page `Dr. Trong – Prestigious Circumcision in District 9` posted an advertisement `applying the most advanced technology, circumcision in 5 not only 15 minutes (no pain, no bleeding, no hospitalization,

Authorities sealed and kept medicine and medical equipment being used by staff here.

The apartment with the sign `Dr Duc Trong` was discovered to be illegally treating andrology.

Two people working here could not present medical practice certificates and related legal documents.

The inspection team requested these two people to stop circumcision, maxillofacial, and cosmetic activities and stop posting illegal advertising content about medical examination and treatment services.

Just two days ago, Inspectors of the Department of Health also caught two massage and cosmetic establishments treating andrology, `increasing penis size` for customers even though they were not licensed for the service.

The Department of Health recommends that people be wary of information advertising medical services on social networks.

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