Bright spot from Trump’s desire to ‘take credit for the vaccine’

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Bright spot from Trump's desire to 'take credit for the vaccine' 2
Bright spot from Trump's desire to 'take credit for the vaccine' 2

President Donald Trump always believes that he is the person with leading contributions in the recent breakthroughs in Covid-19 vaccines that American pharmaceutical corporations are developing.

When pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced promising results about the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine that it developed and tested in collaboration with BioNTech, Trump asserted in a press conference that success was `the result of

President Donald Trump at the Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnology Innovation Center in North Carolina in late July. Photo: Reuters.

However, Trump’s statement is not really accurate, because Pfizer has never received investment money from Operation Speed ​​to research and develop vaccines, and this company also confirmed that they are not part of the campaign.

In fact, the US government only agreed to sign a contract to buy 100 million doses of Pfizer’s vaccine if it was approved.

`Even in the case of Moderna, it’s clear that Trump is not the one driving the research and development of this technology,` said Brian Resnick, editor of Vox.

However, Resnick believes that Trump wanting to `take credit` also brings a positive `bright spot`, because it will send a good signal, helping convince millions of his supporters to trust and use the vaccine after

The reality is that many Americans, most of whom are Republicans who support Trump, are still hesitant about getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

A Gallup survey released in November said 58% of Americans polled said they would get a vaccine when it is approved.

However, many experts believe that Gallup surveys still do not accurately assess the level of Americans’ distrust of vaccines.

According to Gallup’s survey, only 49% of Republicans said they would get vaccinated, while Democrats were about 69%.

`To defeat the virus, we will need more than 50% of people to agree to be vaccinated across the United States, and this number will require participation from people of all political parties,` Resnick said.

This editor affirms that President Trump’s ability to change people’s minds is real.

But Trump also possesses the incredible power to change the opinions of his supporters overnight, according to Resnick.

`My colleague Dylan Matthews has noted sudden changes in opinion on topics such as Russia, Vladimir Putin, free trade or support for the media’s surveillance role. Or see how Trump raises

Bright spot from Trump's desire to 'take credit for the vaccine'

Protesters hold up a banner `My Children, My Choice` to protest against mandatory flu vaccination in Boston, USA on October 5.

In January 2017, Michael Barber and Jeremy Pope, two political scientists, conducted a study to see whether Trump supporters have their own ideas or will follow him on all issues.

Research is quite simple.

As a result, Republicans are 15 percentage points more likely to support liberal policies if told that Trump supports it.

`In the field of public health, Trump’s best move is for him to take credit for any vaccine achievements. That will make Republican voters more confident in that vaccine,` scientist Barber

However, many observers believe that Trump wanting to take credit for the vaccine will be a `double-edged sword`, because it is likely that Democratic voters will not put faith in the vaccine he supports.

`It’s right that you’re worried about the risk of declining confidence among Democratic voters, but I think it could be mitigated if scientists like Dr. Anthony Fauci and others at the FDA and CDC also

But Resnick believes that one should not place all hopes of eliminating Americans’ vaccine hesitancy on Trump’s ability to persuade.

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