Bright cherry blossoms all over Japan

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Bright cherry blossoms all over Japan 2
Bright cherry blossoms all over Japan 2

In Japan, cherry blossoms usually bloom in spring, depending on the place, they may bloom earlier or later.

Cherry blossoms have 3 colors: white, pink and red.

From January to May, cherry blossoms bloom across Japan.

The Someiyoshino flower has a lifespan of 7 days from the date of mankai (opening, full bloom) while the Kanzakura flower blooms and withers longer about 10-12 days from the date of mankai.

One of the typical cherry blossoms in Japan is Yamazakura, which often grows in the south of Honshu Mountain.

The Oyamazakura flower often grows in the north of Honshū and the mountains of Hokkaido, also known as Hong Son Sakura (Beniyama Zakura).

The Edohigan species grows in the mountains of Honshū,  Shikoku and Kyushu.

Bright cherry blossoms all over Japan

Cherry blossoms in front of a temple gate in Kyoto.

Kasumizakura flowers grow scattered in mountainous areas from Hokkaido to Kyushū.

The Someiyoshino species is a flower that blends the characteristics of the Oshimazakura and Edohigan species.

There are cherry blossoms everywhere in Japan, in parks, along rivers and lakes, along canals, in the yards of villas, temples, and ancient castles, especially in

During cherry blossom season, visitors can see cherry blossoms everywhere.

Bright cherry blossoms all over Japan

The cherry blossom festival usually starts at the end of April every year.

During the blooming season, the 620,000 square kilometer Ueno park daily welcomes about a million strollers.

Japanese people often organize flower festivals all over the country.

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