Biden ‘cleans up’ the Trump-era government apparatus

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Biden 'cleans up' the Trump-era government apparatus 8
Biden 'cleans up' the Trump-era government apparatus 8

Immediately after being sworn into office, US President Joe Biden immediately asked General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board Peter Robb, director of the US Agency for Global Communications Michael Pack and director of the Financial Protection Bureau to

This entire series of officials are appointees of former President Donald Trump.

`What is notable in the first week of the Biden administration is the lightning speed with which the new President has made his mark on the government apparatus that Trump once considered a hostile and trying ‘Deep State’.

During the 2016 election campaign, Trump, who had no political experience, attracted attention with his pledge to `drain the swamp`, referring to veteran politicians in Washington, with the goal of shrinking the size of the ministry.

To fulfill this commitment, Trump often requests government agencies to cut staff and downsize, even when he does not clearly understand the functions or number of personnel needed for those agencies to operate.

This became a source of pride for Trump, when many US government agencies had a series of empty seats.

The agency that is said to be the clearest example is the US State Department, which Trump once called the `Deep State Department`.

According to statistics, by June 2019, when Trump had been in power for more than half of his term, nearly 40% of government positions requiring Senate approval were still vacant, and more than 50% of positions in the Justice Department were unfilled.

US President Joe Biden spoke at the White House on January 27.

After Biden took office, the US State Department is now under the direction of Antony Blinken, deputy secretary of state under Barack Obama and has joined the agency since 1993. He has recently appointed a number of positions, but

Under Trump, professional diplomats and officials are considered the `core` of the `Deep State` and are in turn pressured to leave the government.

Regarding the National Security Council, the White House said President Joe Biden has `nearly doubled the number of staff ready to get to work compared to Trump in 2017 or Obama in 2009`.

`In terms of appointments as the new President, Biden’s job is much more difficult than Trump’s. Rebuilding a government is always more difficult than reviewing and cutting staff,` Michael Beschloss, historian

Before the swearing-in ceremony on January 20, Biden announced a nomination list including nearly all cabinet ministers, along with their direct deputies.

At the Pentagon, days before the Senate confirmed Lloyd Austin as America’s first black Secretary of Defense, 20 senior officials were getting ready to leave office.

Trump also seems to be trying to make things difficult for the Biden administration by putting some loyalists in positions that are harder to fire.

Regardless, the new Biden administration still seeks to `neutralize` people like Ellis, even though it may encounter certain legal troubles.

Victoria Coates, who was appointed to head the Middle East Media Network in the final days of Trump’s term, has a contract of at least two years and cannot be fired unless convicted of a felony.

Biden has also prepared teams to fill vacant seats in every government agency, such as the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which is severely understaffed.

At the Department of Health and Human Services, an agency that typically has more than 100 employees and was largely overlooked under Trump, at least 18 people have received their assignments as political appointees.

For the Department of Homeland Security, the process of confirming Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s nominee for secretary, is stalled due to disagreement between the parties on immigration.

At the Department of Justice, where the Biden administration is eager to reverse Trump’s policies on civil rights, immigration and police oversight, all leadership positions are `selected` for former officials.

In addition, the Biden administration is also making efforts to address the issue of climate change with a young team, including many people recruited under Obama, ready to take on related positions.

`The administration is anti-environment and the worst climate problem we have ever experienced clearly no longer exists,` she said.

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