Behind the nude sushi parties in Japan

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Behind the nude sushi parties in Japan 1
Behind the nude sushi parties in Japan 1

At a nude sushi party (Nyotaimori) in Japan, guests will eat sushi and sashimi dishes made by skilled chefs and placed on the bodies of unclothed models.

Nyotaimori originates from the Samurai period.

In Japanese, Nyotaimori means lady body sushi (eating sushi on a woman’s body).

Even though it is not honored by the people, this form of eating is still popular and has become a culinary trend that has taken the world by storm, according to Scoop Whoop.

In an interview with Debrief, Charlotte, a nude sushi model, said that there are two great things about her job.

Behind the nude sushi parties in Japan

Models lie naked in the banquet room when the temperature is only about 15-20 degrees Celsius. In return, their income is high.

Contrary to what many people often imagine, preparing for such a party requires thoroughness and diligence.

Charlotte denied this was a sexual act.

Mimi, another model, also revealed the secrets of her profession on Reddit.

`The boss even joked that we could rest assured, because the chef prepares sushi right in the party room. They always have knives ready, so if they encounter impolite guests, they can take action immediately.

She said she is always lucky to meet polite customers, so her job is not too unpleasant.

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