Artist Chanh Tin ‘deserves help’

Artist Chanh Tin 'deserves help' 5
Artist Chanh Tin 'deserves help' 5

First of all, let me send my best wishes for good health, luck, and sincerity to you and your family.

I belong to the generation born when the country had a lull in the sound of falling bombs.

The spiritual baggage in terms of the way we perceive the generation of our ancestors in the anti-American resistance war that we carry with us throughout our lives is the impression that the previous generation was brave, talented and full of heart.

I still vividly remember the whole village and commune eagerly watching each episode of the movie `The Upside Down Game` and then many days later each episode in the movie was brought to the fields and discussed with each other.

Then just like that, each episode of `The Upside Down Game` has sown into the souls of generations of people in my hometown pride, pride in their cunning, admiration, admiration for courage and above all.

The role of Nguyen Thanh Luan in `The Upside Down Game` is the role of a lifetime for Meritorious Artist Chanh Tin.

Indeed, for children like us who gradually become aware of life, the character Nguyen Thanh Luan is an idol that represents national pride and self-respect.

Now knowing the difficult situation of artist Chanh Tin’s family, my heart is softened.

Looking at your contributions to Vietnamese cinema in particular, and to nurturing the souls of the people in general, we can see how great your contributions are to life?

Compare the pervasiveness of the message of loving life and living to contribute to the community and country that he conveyed to the audience with today’s actors who act superficially, and the scenes are both crude and bad.

The hearts of the people are bright and beautiful, the spiritual lives of generations of Vietnamese people are rich and lively, not weak, mediocre, or poor like the situations recreated in many Vietnamese movies today.

Sad to think about…

As for Mr. Tin, he must love life, love his job, love life, be responsible for his role and put in his own constant efforts to be able to play such an excellent role.

As such, you deserve to receive the hearts that everyone sends to you both materially and spiritually because our Vietnamese people always live by the moral principle: `Love others as if you loved yourself.`

I hope you and your family will try your best to overcome it, because there are curves in life that make people sad, but there are also curves that help us love life more.

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Nguyen Thi May

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