Arsenal – Southampton: Six-point battle

Arsenal - Southampton: Six-point battle 4
Arsenal - Southampton: Six-point battle 4

* The match starts at 3:00 p.m. London time (10:00 p.m., Hanoi) today, live on BDTV.

With 22 points after 11 rounds and currently hovering in third place, Southampton has enough conditions to be considered a phenomenon at the beginning of this season.

A victory at the Emirates tonight could completely push Southampton up to the top of the table with Arsenal currently holding 25 points.

History has many times witnessed small teams occupying high positions on the rankings at the beginning of the season.

Southampton is flying high and promises to be an ominous obstacle for Arsenal.

At Arsenal, life is now very real.

Mathieu Flamini is suspended, while Tomas Rosicky is not sure to play due to injury, but in return they have the return of Theo Walcott.

In terms of position on the rankings right now, Southmapton is indeed a challenge but the confrontation history is not.


– Arsenal will have their fifth consecutive win in the Premier League at home for the first time since April 2012 if they beat Southampton tonight.

– Man Utd’s 0-1 defeat on the field was the first time Arsene Wenger’s team did not score in the Premier League this season.

– The last time Arsenal failed to score in two consecutive Premier League matches was at the start of the 2012-2013 season, where they drew with Sunderland and Stoke City with the same score of 0-0.

– Southampton is having the best start in the history of the national championship.

– In the same period last season, Southampton had 17 fewer points and received 24 more goals.

– They are also the team that has suffered the fewest shots on goal from their opponents (31 times).

Arsenal - Southampton: Six-point battle

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