Apple is increasingly bland

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Apple is increasingly bland 1
Apple is increasingly bland 1

Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple, was called the wizard of the technology industry.

Steve Jobs announced the iPad

Steve Jobs uses beautiful words when describing the 2010 iPad.

Famous writer Adam Lashinsky of Fortune magazine describes each employee at Apple, each component supplier… as a link in a zigzag chain and the only person who knows how to connect everything together is the CEO.

Windowless, locked rooms are where iPhones and iPads are discussed.

The information is kept secret between about 100 people hand-selected by Steve Jobs.

The responsibility to keep secrets is ingrained in everyone.

Tim Cook also emphasized: `That is part of Apple’s magic. And I don’t want anyone to know about that magic because I don’t want them to copy it.`

Apple is increasingly bland

Tim Cook does not have the harshness like Steve Jobs and makes Apple gradually lose its mystery.

However, since Steve Jobs left and brought harshness, the magical secrets at Apple are no longer there.

At that time, many people expressed sympathy because they believed that Tim Cook had only been Apple’s General Director for a year, so he could not control all of Apple’s information sources and supply chains.

To reassure, Tim Cook responded to the press that he would double security measures for upcoming Apple products, but still seemed unsuccessful.

Apple is increasingly bland

The only thing that hasn’t been revealed on Apple’s iPhone trio is the wallpaper.

Since mid-2017, those following rumors about the 11th generation iPhone were almost certain that Apple would launch three new smartphones with borderless screens, without Touch ID, but replaced with fingerprint sensors and memory.

There was no need to wait for the launch ceremony, which lasted more than two hours, in a survey from August 2017 by┬áVnExpress, up to 38% of readers believed that Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone model would be called iPhone.

Apple is increasingly bland

There is speculation that the leaked images and information are actually part of Apple’s clever `zero dollar` communication strategy.

Preventing leakage of designs and components is a difficult task.

Whatever the reason, Apple has lost its mystique under Tim Cook’s not-so-harsh leadership.

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