Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet’s revenue skyrocketed

Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet's revenue skyrocketed 2
Apple, Amazon, and Alphabet's revenue skyrocketed 2

Amazon recorded a 37% increase in third-quarter revenue over the same period last year, to $96.1 billion.

Online sales, including products like Alexa and items Amazon sells directly to customers on its website, increased 38%.

Amazon employees work at a warehouse in New York.

Revenue from cloud computing services, also Amazon’s largest profit machine – Amazon Web Services, increased by 29%.

Apple also surprised investors, with revenue of 64.7 billion USD in the third quarter, slightly more than 1% over the same period last year and more than 1 billion USD more than analysts forecast.

However, these positive figures still do not help Apple shares.

iPhone sales also decreased by 20% in the third quarter compared to the same period last year.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said sales in the Chinese market were especially affected by the lack of new iPhones in the third quarter.

At Google, despite the pandemic, accusations of monopoly and content censorship, Google is still doing well.

Net profit reached 11.2 billion USD, far exceeding analysts’ forecasts.

Yesterday’s report showed Alphabet’s strong recovery compared to the previous quarter.

However, by the third quarter, Google’s advertising revenue had increased nearly 10% over the same period last year.

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