AI ‘degenerates’ after being integrated into a microwave oven

AI 'degenerates' after being integrated into a microwave oven 1
AI 'degenerates' after being integrated into a microwave oven 1

According to Rizzotto’s share on his YouTube channel, he was very lonely as a child.

Rizzotto and the AI-integrated microwave.

Many years passed, Rizzotto still did not forget Magnetron.

Calling himself a `mad scientist`, Rizzotto researched how to put GPT-3 in the microwave.

Rizzotto said the hardest part was creating memories for the machine.

Rizzotto said: `The way it talks is both exciting and strange. It makes me feel like I’m chatting with an old friend. Although not all interactions are perfect, everything is still enough to evoke interesting thoughts.`

But the more Rizzotto talked, the more unusual he felt with his `friend`.

Rizzotto decided to avoid political conversations.

On another occasion, Magnetron himself made a request to his master.

`I pretended I was inside the microwave. Guess what happened? The microwave suddenly started on its own and activated the cooking process. That’s right, it was trying to kill me,` Rizzotto wrote on

Rizzotto recalls that about 10% of the stories he put into the AI’s memories were details about World War I.

According to Rizzotto, Magnetron’s words were not a joke.

GPT-3 is an AI that many people have known since last year, when it knew how to manipulate human language, create text and respond fluently in English.

In 2021, GPT-3 has had some surprising achievements, such as drawing images from text, or being used to `revive` a deceased fiancee.

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