8 years of ‘searching for a child’ of a man with deformed sperm

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8 years of 'searching for a child' of a man with deformed sperm 6
8 years of 'searching for a child' of a man with deformed sperm 6

Mr. Hai and his wife (37 years old, from Hau Giang) got married 8 years ago.

In 2018, he and his wife returned to Ho Chi Minh City to perform in vitro fertilization (IVF) but four embryo transfers failed.

`At that time, both husband and wife were sad and depressed, especially my wife. I promised my wife that in the future the couple would have healthy children, not just one but two or three children. From then on, I

The desire to have children motivated Mr. Hai and his wife to overcome those dark days.

Doctor Vy explained that the patient’s sperm had an abnormal tail, could not swim and died too quickly in the vas deferens, before reaching the wife’s uterus.

Mr. Hai and Dr. Vy and his team performed the TESE technique, collecting sperm that had just been born in the patient’s testicles, retrieving more healthy sperm and avoiding abnormalities compared to sperm that had migrated.

Doctor Ngo Dinh Trieu Vy – Reproductive Support Center, Tam Anh General Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City examines and advises treatment regimens for infertile patients.

In parallel with the husband’s surgery, the wife had oocyte retrieval, and 16 mature oocytes were obtained.

To avoid birth defects like before, embryos are raised on day 5 in an incubator equipped with a camera that continuously monitors the kinematics and integrates artificial intelligence (AI), helping to observe the development of the fetus.

The wife had endometriosis, so she was treated and had good mucosal preparation before embryo transfer.

`Thanks to the combination of comprehensive treatment for both male and female infertility and a modern laboratory system for embryo screening, patients can finally fulfill their desire to become parents and welcome healthy children into the world.`

Recalling the moment he heard his baby’s heartbeat through the ultrasound machine, Mr. Hai was moved: `After many years of perseverance, recovering from depression, my husband and I were finally able to become parents and see our baby born healthy.`

*Patient names have been changed

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