8 tips to control blood sugar when eating sweets

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8 tips to control blood sugar when eating sweets 4
8 tips to control blood sugar when eating sweets 4

According to the American Diabetes Association, the body will break down ingested carbohydrates (sugars, starches) into glucose, increasing blood sugar levels.

Because the body cannot use insulin effectively, people with type 2 diabetes must limit sugar and starch.

Occasionally eat sweets

Abstaining from junk food and sweets can have the opposite effect, making diabetics crave these foods more.

People with diabetes can eat sweets in controlled amounts.

Prioritize fruit

Fruits are a good choice when diabetics crave sweets because they are lower in carbs and do not contain processed sugar.

Calculate total carbs

Patients need to consider the amount of carbs in meals because it can quickly increase blood sugar.

Pay attention to drinks

Sports drinks and bottled tea can increase blood sugar levels.

Refrigerate food

One way to control your intake of sweets is to refrigerate them.

Use sugar substitutes

Patients can look for recipes that use fruit to reduce the amount of processed sugar.

Eat slowly

When eating sweets, patients should eat slowly, chew thoroughly and slowly enjoy the taste.

Stay away from temptation

Don’t place sweets in the front or at eye level in the pantry, where you can see them easily.

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