400 million VND is still enough to buy a house in Saigon city

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400 million VND is still enough to buy a house in Saigon city 3
400 million VND is still enough to buy a house in Saigon city 3

As civil servants, the couple earns less than ten million dong a month and has to take care of a family of three, but Mr. Thanh still managed to buy a house in Saigon.

Thanh shared: `The money was low, the broker whispered that if we were willing to go into a dead-end alley and accept being planned to expose the street in the future, they would take us to see it. We bought it because we were too urgent for a place to live and couldn’t find anything.

Although buying a house in a situation where there are very few options, Mr. Thanh seems assured about the economic problem.

Many people do not hesitate to buy a house in a small alley because the price is cheaper than a house on the street.

`At first, I was very worried that the house would be blown away because of the road map. Later, when I found out, in the next ten years, this plan might still be on paper, so I didn’t think about it anymore. By that time, we had saved up,

Having just bought a house in a small alley for 500 million VND, Ms. Huong said: `My husband and I have been married for a year, searching in vain for a place to live, but found a dilapidated house in a deep alley on Tran Van Dang street.

Ms. Huong said that the house had many disadvantages and was criticized by dozens of customers, so it was able to reach the hands of a small amount of money like her and her husband.

`My husband and I often ask each other, this alley is both deep and small, where should we go if there is a fire? If we release tomorrow, the narrow area of the house will be livable? But luckily the house has a red book, we can help.

According to real estate agents, houses in small alleys or dead-end alleys in Ho Chi Minh City are 2-3 times cheaper than houses on street fronts or car alleys.

400 million VND is still enough to buy a house in Saigon city

On many electronic platforms, alley houses priced at 500 million VND are still for sale in the second quarter of 2014.

Talking to VnExpress.net, Director of ACB Real Estate Trading Floor (ACBR) Ngo Dinh Han said: `Small alley houses costing several hundred million VND in Saigon are a typical product that still exists of the period.

Mr. Han assessed that the supply of this type in the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City is very limited, only scattered in areas with incomplete planning or slow urban gentrification.

Although admitting some disadvantages of this product line, ACBRS leaders believe that not all houses in small alleys are unattractive.

Unlike villas, project land and apartments, individual houses in Ho Chi Minh City often do not have uniform standards left by history.

`Small alley houses are Saigon’s unique identity even though their value is not high and is rarely chosen as an investment opportunity. This product is quite suitable for families with an average living standard and bought for the purpose of living.

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