101 judges judged ‘I am the winner’

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101 judges judged 'I am the winner' 3
101 judges judged 'I am the winner' 3

`I am a winner` buys format from the program `The winner is` copyrighted by Talpa International (the copyright holder of `The Voice` and `Deal or No Deal). The new program launched in 2019.`

`I am the winner` requires contestants to have good voices to compete with each other.

Currently, the program organizers are looking for and selecting main judges.

Binh Minh is the MC of the program `I am a winner`.

The way and strategy to win is the special and novel feature of `I am a winner`.

The contestants all have to go through a round of challenges that require strong bravery, knowing who they are, and being flexible in negotiating with opponents to make the right decision under the pressure of thousands of movie studio audiences.

If the agreement is successful, the contestant will leave the game with all the prize money, the winner will not receive the prize money and will be able to move on to the next round to continue the journey to conquer the highest prize.

The preliminary round of `I am the winner` is expected to begin at the Ho Chi Minh City Light Music Center on March 23-24 and the Vietnam Light Music and Dance Theater, Hanoi on March 30-31.

After the preliminary round, the producer will select 64 excellent contestants to compete in the qualifying round in Ho Chi Minh City.

The 16 contestants in the Quarterfinals were randomly drawn and competed head-to-head to choose 8 winners.

101 judges judged 'I am the winner'

Vietnamese artists eagerly attended the press conference to launch the new program `I am a winner`.

The program is produced by Dong Tay Company in collaboration with HTV Television, broadcast at 9:00 p.m. every Saturday on HTV7, from May 25.

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