10 early warning signs of breast cancer

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10 early warning signs of breast cancer 11
10 early warning signs of breast cancer 11

Dr. Vu Huu Khiem – Head of Oncology Department, Tam Anh General Hospital, Hanoi, said that signs of breast cancer often appear in the early stages.

A lump appears in the breast

Breast tenderness is normal, especially during menstruation.

Axillary lymph nodes appear

Many patients are diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer, when the tumor has metastasized to lymph nodes.

Nipple discharge is not breast milk

Occasionally, a pregnant or breastfeeding woman’s nipples secrete a little breast milk.

Pain in the nipple area

Continuous pain in the nipple area proves that there are some changes taking place in the body, causing pain around the nipple area.

Swelling of part of the breast

A part of the breast that becomes red, swollen, and painful is a sign that cancer cells may be attacking this area.

Regular breast examinations help women detect abnormal changes early.

Breasts have color changes

Another symptom is breast skin turning pink or slightly red.

The skin on the areola is irritated

If you have irritation around your nipples or the entire breast area, even if it’s just peeling or crusting, you should see your doctor for a check-up.

Breast shape changes

According to Dr. Khiem, there are many different reasons why breasts change shape over the years such as pregnancy or advanced age.

Breast contraction

In contrast to swelling and contraction, the breast usually only contracts on one side.

The areola thickens

If your areola is unusually thick, you need to have a mammogram to screen for breast cancer.

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, after lung cancer according to Globocan 2020. Dr. Khiem further shared, from 2013 up to now, the death rate from breast cancer in Vietnam

Currently, there are three main imaging methods to examine the breast including X-ray (also known as mammography), ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

10 early warning signs of breast cancer

The digital mammography tomographic (DBT) system at Tam Anh General Hospital helps screen and detect early-stage breast cancer.

Dr. Khiem commented that digital mammography (DBT) is considered a technological advance with a 50-degree wide-angle rotating lamp head that can maximally reveal the nature of the lesion’s borders, helping to screen and detect lesions.

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